Trouble Shooting Summary

Sales Trouble Shooting

Unable to save invoice – The following stock items are negative quantity, save aborted

No result when inquiry Customer Price Listing

Outstanding value is blank in Purchase Invoice or Invoice

Couldn’t find debtor when creating invoice

Couldn’t select credit card account in cash sale

Unable to select preview option

Duplicate Invoice no

Unable to delete Sales Invoice

Filter by Salesman – Sales agent can access other agent’s customers

Unable to preview or print a printed document

Sales amount different between Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis Report and Monthly Sales Analysis Report

Item selling price does not follow the setting in Item Price Book

Can’t change the price of invoice that was transferred from DO

Invoice grid listing is not displayed

Save Invoice error – ‘Invalid account no’

Unable to select stock code in Monthly Sales Analysis report

Can’t change rounding method for invoice

Show Instant Info – Price History is empty

“Credit Sales” button is disabled in Cash Sales

 Unable to save an entry/document with GST adjustment

Rounding Adjustment Account is empty

Stock Trouble Shooting

Up-To-Date Cost showed in alphabets

Missing Posting Accounts Tab at Stock Group Maintenance

Not a valid Tab Delimited Text Format or not an Stock Transfer import text format

Stock Balance Quantity in batch number selection not tallied with balance quantity in Stock Card

Why Real Cost is empty

Stock Card average cost not the same as Item Maintenance Up to Date Cost

Stock Adjustment not reflect to stock card report

Column ‘Loc-1Qty’ does not belong to table StockBalByLocation

 Incorrect Outstanding PO quantity at Stock item inquiry

Average balance cost different with purchase invoice cost

Missing item in BOM Listing Report

There is a balance cost for zero quantity stock

System do not prompt alert when item sold below minimum selling price

System can sell item package with the item in back order status

Items not shown when inquiry Re-order Advice Report

Unable to find menu of stock transfer

Preview Stock Issue Detail Listing – Unknown Sql Exception

Unable to find item to be transferred from Sales Order to Stock Assembly Order

System still deduct stock after ‘Post To Stock’ access rights was removed

In July Stock Aging Report, stock quantity is “zero” but the cost value is not “0.00”?

Can’t view item image at client pc

Duplicated opening balance for a serial number

Can’t find More Stock Maintenance on Stock menu

Could not delete Item Code

AR/AP Trouble Shooting

Error when inquiry Debtor Aging report

Red colour indicator in A/R Invoice

Missing the options of Show in Creditor & Local Currency By Document and Show Local Currency

The official receipt no. is already exist, please enter another value

The value of column ForfeitedAccNo in table A/P Deposit does not exist in its master file

The value of column AccNo in table ItemPrice does not exist in its master file

Access rights to Print AP Payment is already granted but still not able to print

Past Invoice is not shown in Debtor Statement

Payment received but commission is not included in Commission by Collection Report

Outstanding Invoice fall on wrong month column in Debtor Aging Report

Error message prompted “Transferred amount overflow in updating ARDeposit (DocKey=1127) when save AR Receive Payment

Invoice not shown in A/R Outstanding Invoice

Unable to delete the document as it has been processed by payment voucher with imported goods

Unable to find the menu of A/R Deposit

This document was posted from A/P Payment, you must go A/P Payment to delete it

Drop down list for Currency is hidden in debtor maintenance

How to merge currency (RM&MYR) due to contra issue

Knock off date must be on or after payment and document date

Please empty tax registration number’ after filled in the column of Tax Registration No.

No result when inquiry Debtor Statement

Document date is set to maximum date

Message box ‘please select a deposit document for the payment method’ prompted when select payment method in AR Receive Payment

Unable to select deposit account in New A/R Deposit

Unable to save a new ARCN

Can’t edit A/R Payment after added exception

ARCN record not found

Unable to edit currency exchange rate in AP Invoice

Contra Entry not allowed for different currencies

Report Design – dragged field not shown in PV

AR Payment in local currency but prompted for Gain/Loss setting

Can’t save past AR Invoice

Can’t select Project No. in AP Invoice Entry

Unable to Save a new Contra

You are not allowed to edit documents from other source.

Aging Report-The value of Total is not Shown

GL Trouble Shooting

Total Returned Cheque’s Payment Amount not equal to Total RCHQ Amount

Sales account has figure but drill down it shows empty

Unable to edit Stock Value Maintenance

Failed to delete Foreign Currency Revaluation

Invalid number format in Actual Bank Statement Balance

User-Defined Account Type shows negative amount in Balance Sheet

Unable to delete account reason is the account has been used in Location

Other Expenses Account not show in Profit & Loss Report

Transaction show twice in bank reconciliation

Amount in ledger showing 0 balance, but it is not 0 in bank reconciliation

Non-Leaf Accounts error when click on Opening Balance

Discrepancy of amount when show up to level is different

Column Ref. 2 shows nothing when there is a negative amount

Amount from previous month is not brought forward to current month

Stock Value Maintenance – Do not Translate

Unable to delete account xxx-xxx because it has amount in Year-To-Date balance

Balance Sheet amount not tally with Creditor Aging Amount

Unable to find menus of G/L, A/R, A/P

Unable to retrieve last year figure when preview P&L this year vs last year

Preview Profit & Loss error – ’1 is not supported code page, parameter name: codepage’

Can’t create or move sub account under fixed asset account

ARCN didn’t specify project no, but project no appears in ledger report

Taxation Account is not shown in P&L Statement

 Bank Account not appeared in Bank Reconciliation

Can’t select different PV/OR numbering format during create new PV/OR

No account description shown Profit & Loss Statement

Journal entry not balance by project or department

Login Issue

Could not find a part of the path ‘Z:\A2006.dmf’

The type initializer for ‘System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCOnnection’ threw an exception

SQL Problem

Unable to start SQL Server Service due to TCP Port is already being used

SQL Server installation error – Wait on the Database Engine recovery handle failed

There are validation error on this page…Attributes not match

SQL Server Configuration Manager – Cannot connect to WMI provider

Is not a valid argument or you do not have permission

“Fusion ATL” rule failed

View Server State permission was denied

SQL Server Service Broker is not enabled

Forgot SA password

Login Failure

The system needs to upgrade your current account book

Database version is later than supported database

Critical SQL Exception

Login Failure after server change

Database file is compressed

Cannot open database

Database Problem

Suspected Database

Unable to attach suspected database

Database Connection Problem

Installation Problem

Windows keep restarting

The SQL Server service failed to start

SQL Server 2005 Setup unable to install

Other Reason-Failed to install SQL