SST Updates: V1.09.72 Is now Ready!

AutoCount V1.9 SST update is ready!

What are the updates?

  • New SST Menu
  • Configure Malaysia SST Functions
  • Auto Generate Tax Account Number/ SST Tax Code
  • SST Options (Start Date/ Taxable Period)



No Additional Charges for contract customers, or customer who did upgrade V1.8 to V1.9 with us from 23/5/18 onwards

For non-contract customer/ non-upgrade customer, please contact us for update fees quotation


Another Updates soon:

There will be another software updates within 2 months (before SST Submission date), which consist of:

  • SST Processor
  • SST related Tax Reports
  • Any other confirm changes from Custom, if any


Feel Confuse about SST?

There are too much info to digest but too little guidelines to follow? Join us at SST Forum on 6/9/18, have a direct discussion with our Chartered Accountant/ Auditor to clear your doubts about any SST related questions.

Unlike other big-scale seminar, our SST Forum is a focus group discussion consist less than 50 pax, which encourage all participants to raise your questions & discuss all SST related problems across different industry.

Click here to check more details about SST Forum & RSVP now!