SST 2.0: List of Proposed Taxable Service

Custom had announced “List of Proposed Taxable Service” on 8/8/2018.

Please note that:

  1. Not all services are taxable.
  2. Each taxable services has its threshold guideline, please check your relevant service for the proposed threshold.
  3. If your services is within taxable guideline & meeting the min threshold, you are SST registrants.
  4. Once register as SST registrants, you need to include service tax % in each invoices.
  5. It’s only a “Proposed List” whereby many criteria remain unclear, we are having the same doubts as you too.

Please click here to download the full list:

List of Proposed Taxable Services


You may self-check if your business is SST taxable from here:
SST2.0: Self Check for SST Registration


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SST2.0: Self Check for SST Registration