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Turn Your Accounting Software to WEB isn't Expensive Anymore!

All-in-one solution for Remote Access and Web Portal

ServerLink turn any of your existing application like Accounting/ Stock System, ERP and etc to be remotely accessible. Hence, you can remain your existing application software but multi location accessible.

A fastest and easiest way to build your own Private Cloud Server for your internal staff to access from various location. It also ready for mobile device to connect too.

# No change of hardware and software is needed #

Simply setup ServerLink into any PC or server to make the application remote accessible for branches or work from home.


Remote Users are now able to use WEB Browser to access any application in HQ Server.

  • Users do not have to manually download and install the client.

  • Administrators can send a URL to users, rather than the entire application.

  • Administrators can quickly change a Web page to point users to a new or updated application on the same or different server.

  • Users or administrators can roam to a different desktop and quickly access an application or desktop by simply knowing a URL if any application is ever updated, users will automatically pick up the new version when they navigate to the Web page.


Only permitted application is allowed to specified remote user. No more exploring the entire server. Better security and confidentiality.

  • Publish any application available in the server for clients to access based on user account.
  • Hide Server Drives: The easiest tool to secure your Terminal Server disk drives!

System Requirements

Available for Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 2003/2008/2012 & SBS Operating Systems

Application Controls

Advanced Application Control on per users and/or per groups. Fast one way files transfer between the User PC and the Server.

Serverlink Universal Printer

Extended remote printing capabilities thru the ServerLink Universal Printer. ServerLink Universal Printer comes with his own virtual printer driver which will receive the print job, compress it and send it to your local workstation.

Web Access

Internet Web Access using IE, Chrome, Mozilla or any browser. Low cost, high value, excellent performance and easy to use solution.

For Enterprise

Provides the full range of ServerLink technologies, as well as a Gateway Portal to access multiple ServerLink systems and a unique load-balancing system for any incoming Web Access on the Gateway Portal.
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