Q&A: [updated] General Questions about GST from 6% to 0%

[Updated 25/5/18: Amendment of FAQ about GST reduction 6% to 0%]

Following the Gazette Order issued by the government, GST will be reduced from 6% to 0% with effective from 1/6/18.

During this transition period, you might have many “How to Do” questions to ask.

The major changes (as compared with FAQ which published on 16/5/18) are as follow:

  1. Sales zero rated tax code is named SR- 0%
  2. Purchase/ expenses zero rated code is named ZP
  3. 0% sales is mapping to column 5a 5b instead of column 10 in GST 03 report
  4.  It is compulsory to issue tax invoice (using existing format)
  5. Shall you accidentally added 6%  in invoice after 601, you may issue CN for correction
  6. Invoice issued before 601, but delivery & payment after 601, it is subject to 0%
  7. Price tag must be changed to 0% before end of June

Please find below link to download the official Q&A prepared by Bahagian GST, Ibu Pejabat. Download the updated copy from here:

FAQ (BM) – UPDATED 22.5.18 – 5PM

FAQ (BI) – UPDATED 25.5.18 – 10.30AM

AutoCount will announce software updates by this week, minimum fees is chargeable for whoever purchase the software before 14/5/18 (it is FOC for software purchase after 14/5/18). Please stay tuned for the announcement & we will issue a notice in a separate post till then.

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