Gazette Orders of GST 6% to 0%

Our new Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has approved 6 very significant Gazette Orders on GST.

GST rate is now given the legal mandate to be reduced effectively from 1st June 2018 onward to the rate of 0% (ie. the GST registrant still retain the duty to submit tax return and claim input tax accordingly).

We will keep you posted again if there are any new changes on this.


Click on the title of the Gazette Order to download the respective Gazette Order.


1.P.U. (A) 123/2018



2. PU. (A) 122/2018




3. P.U. (A) 121/2018



4. P.U. (A) 120/2018



5. P.U. (A) 119/2018



6. P.U. (A) 118/2018



Abolishing of GST is now Work In Progress ! 


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