AutoCount Software Update v1.9 [Preview]

This is a [preview] new release of AutoCount Accounting on GST updates. GST updates are based on FAQ Transitional GST document found in custom website. You may refer to previous post [Q&A: Updated General Questions About GST from 6% to 0%] for full info.


There will be DB upgrade when user upgrade into this version 1.9 as follow:

GST compliance Changes

  1. Implementation of SR-0 Tax Code
  2. Tax code changes on document transfer
  3. Usage of SR-0 Tax Code in GST on payment
  4. Usage of ZP and SR-0 Tax code in GST on IM-SVC
  5. Usage of ZP and SR-0 Tax code in GST on IS-ATMS
  6. Usage of SR-0 Tax code in Gift Rule

The explanation about GST compliance changes would be available soon.

p/s: This is a preview of the release, there might be changes upon finalize, final result shall be binded to the official release which made by AutoCount later


  1. Global price change

The release include other changes as well and the list is adding up, hence we shall keep you posted about the latest update once its completed.


Important Notice

Software upgrade is FOC for purchase after 14/5/18; it’s chargeable for software purchased  before 14/5/18. AutoCount user need to pay a minimum fees to obtain the software update key. Installation fees is FOC for our contractual customer. Shall you have more questions, please feel free to whatsapps us for any clarifications.


Meanwhile, please follow us on Facebook page Data Tree Solutions for any latest news release/ announcement.


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